Mon.25th Jun
-Sun.1st Jul 18´

— From Bremen to Feldmarksee (km 192 at the 1st day) – (day 2: I was cycling into the “Sauerland”) Iserlohn – Lüdenscheid – Glörtalsperre – (day 3… out of the “Sauerland”) to Köln – Mönchengladbach (round about km 470) ( day 4 is a day off) (Friday the 5th day from the tour I was cycling to -> Aachen (watching the “dog eat dog” concert …) – next day in the afternoon I was going back to Mönchengladbach (km 640) , there I took the train back to Bremen on Sunday evening.

Start: 5:15 am
Fin: 22:30 pm
Km: 640
Average speed: 20,1 km/h
High speed: 64,4 km/h
Heigh mtr.: ca. 2500 m
Baggage: round about 35 kg

Bremen - Sauerland - Aachen

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